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FRP Products

#light & durable

(Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer)

Fiberglass , also as known GFRP, is material widely used in Automotive, Construction, Marine industry today thanks to its several advantages comparing with other industrial materials. We MAS Shin Thai Co., Ltd. have 20 over years of GFRP manufacturing experience in Automotive field.


Light Weight

50-60% Specific Gravity to Alumium. Only half of the material is needed to perform same strength with Aluminum. GFRP is a material that you can reduce weight with same strength needed.



Tensile Strength 1117 Mpa. Not only the tensile strength but also absorption of shock is higher than Aluminum, which leads to total strength advantage of the body.


Easy Repair

It can be repaired partially without exchanging the whole structure when damaged. Repair time is within few days with low repairing cost.

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