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"Quality" first

with precise process management and quality control, we produce sustainable quality products to the market. 

Manufacturing Process


Mold Manufacturing

According to the designs and dimensions of final products, we provide designing service of molds of the products with proper materials to be used. In case when clients already have molds, we receive the molds and proceed to manufacturing.


Hand Lay-up Process

FRP Materials are manually overlayed above gel coated surface of the mold and manual lay-up removes entrapped air and wets the fiber reinforcement. This process needs precise manual process with several inspections to prevent cracks or unevenness of surfaces of final product. After materials are overlayed, the products will be dried under certain time and temperature.


Material Preparation

According to the usage and standards, we prepare proper materials to be used for manufacturing. Materials differ according to Stiffness and Design of the final product.


Cutting & Polishing Process

After materials are dried and dismantled from the mold, edge of the products are to be cut according to final dimension, and polished well until products are bright and shiny.


Gel Coating Process

When target color of the final product is set, gel coating is processed to the mold and prepared for next process.

Target color varies according to the clients demand.


Fitting Check & QC

Final products needs not only dimension inspection but also fitting inspection. Deformation can cause bad result or even safety issue to the final product, so final fitting inspection is crucial in FRP manufacturing process.

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